Leaked email reveals the pay gap between men and women in Clinton Foundation – Holy six figures!

Even though paying men and women differently in the workplace has been patently illegal since 1963, the issue of so-called “equal pay” has been a nice way for Democrats, particularly Hillary Clinton, to stir up their ill-informed base.

Here’s Clinton campaigning about it in 2016, calling it “everyone’s fight” and criticizing Republicans for calling it a “bogus issue.”

Except, it’s easy to snipe about the so-called “wage gap” when you’re trying to win votes, but apparently it’s an entirely different thing when you’re running the Clinton Foundation, as a Sunday evening Wikileaks post drawing from the Podesta emails confirmed:

“Median salary of the highest paid men is $346,106, while the median salary of the highest paid women is $185,396 ($190K difference),” read the email from Clinton campaign staffer Karuna Seshasai to Democratic strategist and campaign consultant, Ian Mandel.

Two things jump out from those numbers. First of all, Democrats have never been ones to practice what they preach. Secondly, executives at the Clinton Foundation sure made a boatload of cash working for a “charity!”

At any rate, one could potentially come to the Clinton Foundation’s defense by saying the men in those roles could have worked their careers longer and had different pay trajectories because of various life decisions and interests, and possibly were in more roles that the free market has decided are worth more. But no, lying liberal hypocrites don’t get the benefit of using logic and common sense. Instead, hypocrisy needs to be pointed out and the women and men’s pay needs to be equalized post-haste, because equality!

Needless to say, Twitter reaction to the Wikileaks reveal was harsh:






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Scott Morefield


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