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Some things never get old: In 33-minute speech on guns, Obama referred to himself 76 times

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Who’s the narcissist, again?

The mainstream media frequently accuses President Trump of narcissism.

Outlets that have perpetuated the “narcissism” allegation include the New York Times.

The Daily Beast.

Time magazine.

And USA Today.

The outlets largely avoid using the same language to describe President Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

The 44th president often made repeated mention of himself in public addresses.

In a 33-minute speech detailing his executive action on firearms in 2016, Obama referenced himself a total of 76 times. Feel free to watch the telling montage below:

The former president touted his experience as a constitutional law professor, recounted his frequent difficulty locating his iPad, and his alleged support for the Second Amendment.

In a notable moment, Obama became teary-eyed as he talked about the child victims of mass shootings.

(Photo: Screen Capture).

Obama has departed from the tradition of past presidents and remained vocal regarding political issues after leaving the White House.

In a radio interview with Britain’s Prince Harry last month, Obama took an indirect jab at President Trump by warning about divisiveness on social media.

“One of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different realities,” the former president said.

Barack Obama with Britain’s Prince Harry. (Photo by: KGC-22/STAR MAX/IPx).

In a recent speech before the Economic Club of Chicago, Obama compared America under the Trump administration to Nazi Germany.

No matter how much Americans would like him to, 44 just won’t go away.


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