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Mike Pence challenges European allies, UN to finally ‘stand up’ for protesters in Iran

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Mike Pence just dealt the world’s globalist elites a brutal smackdown.

In a stinging op-ed, the Vice President rebuked Europe and the United Nations for their silence on the Iran protests–and called on the international community to join the US in supporting the protesters.

(Mandel Ngan/Pool via AP).

“The United States has spoken clearly and unequivocally,” Pence wrote in the Washington Post. “Unfortunately, many of our European partners, as well as the United Nations, have thus far failed to forcefully speak out on the growing crisis in Iran. It’s time for them to stand up.”

The vice president condemned the Iranian government, accusing them of illegitimacy.

“The suppression of the Green Revolution in 2009 shows the disastrous price of silence. The president and I call on leaders of freedom-loving nations across the world to condemn Iran’s unelected dictators and defend the Iranian people’s unalienable right to chart their own future and determine their own destiny.”

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci).

The vice president took aim at the Obama administration, whom he claimed “emboldened” Iran’s government with its delayed response to protests in 2009.

“The last administration’s refusal to act ultimately emboldened Iran’s tyrannical rulers to crack down on the dissent. The Green Revolution was ruthlessly put down, and the deadly silence on the streets of Iran matched the deafening silence from the White House. To this day, many Iranians blame the United States for abandoning them in their hour of need.”

Pence’s op-ed echoed remarks by former CIA station chief Gary Berntsen, who told Fox News that Barack Obama precipitated the current unrest in Iran with his “very, very careful” response to the Green Revolution.

Iranian students run for cover from tear gas at the University of Tehran. (STR/AFP/Getty Images).

“[E]ssentially, the Iranians, in response to this, brought in thugs from Hezbollah–not believing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. would use sufficient force–and suppressed their population,” Bernsten said.

Pence also credited President Trump with predicting the protests during his September speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

“Months before the protests started in Iran, the president predicted that the days of the Iranian regime were numbered. Speaking at the United Nations in September, he said, ‘The good people of Iran want change, and, other than the vast military power of the United States, Iran’s people are what their leaders fear the most.’ Much like another president who made similar predictions about the Soviet Union, the president was mocked.”

The president has continually voiced support for Iranian protesters since the demonstrations–and accompanying deadly crackdowns–began.


After eight years of leading from behind, the world is again being awakened to American leadership.


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