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Trump doubles down to support Iranian protesters and puts Obama on blast for funding terror regime

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President Trump is ringing in the New Year with both barrels blazing.

As anti-government protests in Iran gain steam, Trump hasn’t been shy about showing them his support. The president has taken a decidedly different approach than his predecessor and rushed to stand up for the protesters, unlike Obama’s passive response when similar protests erupted in 2009.

On Sunday Trump doubled down, and slammed Obama’s policies, while continuing to voice his support for the protests and slammed Iran’s government for Human Rights violations.

And on Monday, the president drilled it home, accusing the “foolish” Obama administration of helping to fund “terrorism” by the Iran’s government.


The Iran protests have been growing and is the first major anti-government demonstration since 2009’s “Green Revolution.” The Green Party had been quiet, but continued to remain strong as can be seen by uprisings springing up in major cities across Iran.

Iranian students protest at the University of Tehran during a demonstration driven by anger over economic problems, in the capital Tehran on December 30, 2017.
Students protested in a third day of demonstrations, videos on social media showed, but were outnumbered by counter-demonstrators. / AFP PHOTO / STR (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Former CIA Chief Gary Berntsen praised Trump’s strong approach to addressing the protests to Fox News over the weekend and also blasted the Obama administration.

“The Obama administration ordered the CIA-Iranian ops element to have no contact with the Green Movement … which, quite frankly, in the intelligence business is just stupidity. It’s insanity,” Berntsen said. 


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