Alyssa Milano ends the year in a ‘fetal position’ and you can thank Trump for her misery

Snowflake alert!

Actress Alyssa Milano was in full meltdown mode after allegedly perusing President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

Screengrab: Alyssa Milano



At least, according to the Resistance leader’s own words.

“Just made the mistake of reading all of ‘s tweets from the last few days. I’m now curled up in the fetal position with an Cinderella tiara on my head. Also, my feet are cold. So very cold,” Milano tweeted Saturday.

Milano, who threatened in October to “take to the streets” if President Donald Trump fired Special Counsel Robert Mueller, issuing a call to action to the Resistance brigade, was surely being sarcastic about being in a fetal position, though you can never tell.

For the record, she did acknowledge the “tiara” typo and responded in the affirmative to the tweet below.

And while you’d think Milano had better things to do with her time than read through Trump’s recent tweets, which are sure to trigger the liberal actress, she suggests that’s just what she did.

It’s not likely to solve her Trump Derangement Syndrome, but it did serve as a source of entertainment for social media users.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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