Global warming ravages East Coast as even sharks are turning up dead from the ‘cold shock’

Can liberals remind us why they ever said we were supposed to believe in global warming?

Residents of Brewster, Massachusetts were shocked to find the carcasses of thresher sharks washed up on Cape Cod. A review of the dead sharks indicated that the cause of death was “cold shock.”

(Photo: Facebook).

Local James Mullin came across one of the sharks Wednesday morning. “I found it quite exciting,” he told Cape Cod Times.

Mullin sent photos of the shark to the Center of Coastal Studies in Provincetown, where researchers identified it as a thresher shark.

Officials with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy visited the specimen, as well as another thresher shark that washed up on the Cape. They were working in coordination with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Service.

(Photo: Facebook).

The Conservancy wrote on Facebook that both sharks were male and were stranded as a result of cold shock.

“Working with Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and NOAA Fisheries Service, the AWSC team was called out to two thresher shark strandings along the Cape today,” the statement read. “Both of these male sharks were nearly the same size and likely stranded due to cold shock. Morphometric data, organs, and tissue samples were collected to be examined (once they thaw).”

(Photo: Facebook).

The cold shock-related deaths of the thresher sharks came as the East Coast prepares to face severe cold weather.

On Monday evening, President Trump brought attention to the harsh weather conditions facing easterners–and also used the opportunity to mock “global warming.”

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s tweet sent the liberal media into a frenzy.

The president’s remark raised an uncomfortable question for liberals: if human pollution ultimately leads to “global warming,” why are we seeing cases of extreme cold weather that have dead sharks floating up on the beach?

No wonder they now insist on calling it “climate change.”


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