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A man got fed up with thieves stealing his packages, so he designed a devastatingly funny ‘booby trap’

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Especially around the holidays, front-porch package thieves have long been the scourge of Amazon shoppers everywhere.

But one outside-the-box thinking man from Tacoma, Washington just might have the perfect solution.

After growing weary of his packages getting stolen, Jaireme Barrow invented “The Blank Box” last year, a device he says won’t hurt the would-be thieves, but will hopefully scare them away from a life of crime.

“I got tired of all my packages coming up missing,” Barrow told KRON4. “I’d be at work and then I’d get home and they wouldn’t be on my front porch and I’d watch my surveillance and see someone running away with them … I wanted a way to scare them, safely, and when you scare them hopefully they’re gonna drop the package and then run away, and never come back.”

Barrow’s device consists of an empty box with a 12-gauge shotgun blank rigged with fishing wire set to go off as soon as the box is lifted. Leave it on your porch, set your camera rolling, and watch the fireworks commence.

“Now it’s ready to go,” Barrow told KRON4 as he finished setting one of his devices. “So it’s fully contained. You can move it around where ever you want. You don’t have to worry about it going off. Leave it on the porch all day and then when someone comes up to pick it up — pop! pop! — that’s when it goes off.”

“It’s like any alarm system. It’s just a loud noise and it deters theft, but it just happens to be a 12-gauge blank in this case,” the inventor and newly minted business owner said.

And business is booming.

“So it’s all hands-on, made in America. Every one of these is built with love,” said Barrow, whose products include T-shirts with the words “Don’t Touch My Box!” and “Don’t Touch My Package!” printed on them.

“Yeah, I sold out the other day. I’m actually out there slaving away,” he said.

So, how do the neighbors feel?

“It deters people from coming on their porches, too, cause, you know, they never know what they have on their porch is a blank box or a legit package,'” he explained. “So my hope is it just makes people think twice about what they are doing.”

Tacoma police aren’t as enthused about Barrow’s product, however, according to KRON4. They say if you rig a package and a thief gets hurt, you could be held liable.

Instead, police want you to file a police report along with surveillance video.

For many, however, Barrow’s device is a much more gratifying sense of justice. After all, you can still turn in that surveillance video of the startled thieves hightailing it out of your front lawn, but it’ll be a LOT funnier.

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