Bombshell: Top FBI official linked to reporter who broke Trump dossier story

A top FBI official, reassigned from his General Counsel position on Thursday, has been found to have close ties with Mother Jones reporter David Corn.  The reporter first broke news about the existence of the discredited Trump dossier report during the presidential campaign.

Mother Jones reporter David Corn. Screenshot: MSNBC.

James Baker, the former FBI General Counsel, is reported to have ties to the left-wing reporter Corn, according to documents obtained by the Department of Justice and provided to Politico by two GOP lawmakers.

The Trump dossier, a compilation of raw, unverified intel accumulated by ex-British spy Christopher Steele, had been shopped to various media outlets to no avail due to its dubious authenticity. Corn, however, played a key role in bringing the dossier to light, and was the first U.S. reporter to assert its existence in late October, only days before Donald Trump’s election.

Corn would not discuss the avouched connection to former FBI General Counsel Baker; nor would he disclose if Baker was a source on the Trump dossier story.

“I’m not going to discuss my sources. But in order to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate information, I will say that James Baker was not my source for this story,” Corn told Politico.

After the dossier was turned down by reputable media outlets for its inability to be verified, it was considered by political operatives to be “opposition research.” The collection of raw intel included supposed Russian ‘kompromizat,’ or compromising information, the Kremlin could use to damage or blackmail Trump, should he ever be elected.

The dossier, however, was determined to be of interest to Trump’s Republican and Democratic opponents alike during the presidential campaign. In a turn of events, opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which has strong ties to the Democratic Party, was heavily implicated in various Russian-related activities and played a role in transferring the Trump dossier to interested parties.

The dossier report was eventually made public by Buzzfeed and, in part, fueled public outcry for an investigation into Russian collusion.

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via Getty images)

An FBI investigator formerly associated with the current probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into purported Russia-Trump collusion, Peter Strzok, was recently found to have discussed an “insurance policy” should President Trump be elected.

According to a recent WSJ bombshell, that “insurance policy” referred to the Russia investigation itself.

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