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Mark Steyn rips the veil off illegal immigrant crime we aren’t told about because of bs ‘political correctness’

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The United States is importing a class of criminals and Americans know nothing about it because of political correctness, according to Mark Steyn.

The author and conservative commentator reacted to new Justice Department statistics on crime committed by immigrants, noting that Americans were kept in the dark about the stark reality of the numbers.

Speaking with Tucker Carlson Thursday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Steyn said there isn’t any logical reason to expect people who enter a country illegally to subsequently follow the laws of the country.

According to the Justice Department data, the Bureau of Prisons currently holds 39,455 suspected or confirmed non-citizens. That figure represents about 21 percent of the total federal prison population. In fact, illegal immigrants make up 94 percent of the total 37,557 confirmed immigrants in federal custody, according to the statistics.

“These statistics, which for political correctness reasons we were prevented from knowing in recent years, show that this country is, in effect, importing a criminal class,” Steyn said. “And it does not check any aspect of the criminal class it imports.”

He also noted the double standard applied when one is seeking legal immigration into the country versus illegal , with those following the laws being put through lengthy red tape procedures and delays while illegal immigrants seem to have protections and benefits awaiting them as soon as they cross the border.

Steyn cited House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s call to be thankful for the Dreamers, children who came to the U.S. illegally, because they are a benefit to America. He pointed out that if one listens to the left, “every single Dreamer is a high school valedictorian just wrapping up his third tour of Afghanistan – they’re way better than us.”

The figures only tell part of the story, however, as Steyn pointed out that the Justice Department does not even have the data from state and local levels where 90 percent of the incarcerations can be found.

“Why does any country need to import a criminal class?” he asked, suggesting America has plenty of its own citizens who are already committing crimes.

Carlson summed up the heart of the matter.

“One job that Americans are less interested in is voting Democrat and these are people who will do that,” the Fox News host said. “That’s kind of the point of the whole thing!”

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