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Judge Nap challenges Alan Dershowitz: No, it wasn’t sloppy how Mueller obtained Trump team emails

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Judge Andrew Napolitano made his professional opinion clear on Mueller’s questionable handling of Trump team emails.

Fox News host Marth MacCallum asked Napolitano if he agreed with Democrat Alan Dershowitz that Robert Mueller’s investigation was sloppy in obtaining emails from the Trump campaign team.

“No, I don’t agree.

“Professor Dershowitz says he should have gotten a search warrant. No judge will sign a search warrant, as a person who has signed thousands of them, no judge will sign them when the documents are in the hands of a third person,” Napolitano said.

Napolitano conceded the probe was mishandled, but defended Mueller from being the one to “drop the ball.”

“You sign a search warrant when you’re worried about the defendant getting rid of the documents. When they are in the hands of a third person, a computer server in the possession of the government, the proper way to do this is by a subpoena, which is what Bob Mueller did. Here is where the ball was dropped, and it wasn’t dropped by Bob Mueller.”

“It was dropped by the GSA (General Services Administration), the government entity and the executive branch that owned the server.”

“They should have said to the transition lawyer, we just got a subpoena from Mueller. We have two weeks to comply. Here’s a copy of it. If you want to go challenge it before a judge we will let a judgment call. They didn’t tell the transition lawyers. That’s why the transition lawyers were so upset when they found out about it.”

Napolitano warned about the “danger” of the process and how it was handled.

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“Bob Mueller has already through his FBI agents interviewed all the people in the West Wing who worked in the transition and they probably didn’t know at the time of those interviews the FBI agents doing the interviews had read their emails.”

MacCallum brought up widespread rumors that President Trump was ready to fire Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein and Mueller.

“These were rumors concocted by Democrats over the weekend to make the President appear reckless,” Napolitano blasted.

The mainstream media ran with speculation over the weekend that President Trump was going to fire the duo leading the Russia probe.

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President Trump shot down the rumors, but not before the news cycle was inundated with the speculative story, drowning out real bombshells like the possibility of new subpoenas of senior FBI officials and attorney Lisa Bloom reportedly paying women to publicly accuse Trump of sexual misconduct.


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