Laura Ingraham wants to hit the ‘pause’ button on the Mueller probe instead of shutting it down outright

Laura Ingraham thinks Special Counsel Robert Mueller needs to “put the brakes” on the Russia probe as “endless revelations of bias” against President Trump have damaged its credibility.

“What we’ve seen over the past seven months of the Mueller investigation reveals a lot about how big government can end up becoming a threat to representative democracy,” she said in her monologue on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Thursday.

“And the more we look at the web of Clinton and Obama loyalists who burrowed into Mueller’s office, the more obvious it all becomes,” she added, citing examples like former FBI counterintelligence agent, Peter Strzok, whose anti-Trump text messages lead to his removal from Mueller’s team.

One text about needing an “insurance policy” against a Trump presidency appeared to reference FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

“That text message could be the smoking gun,” Ingraham said and noted how many members of Mueller’s team  have donated thousands of dollars to Democrats.

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“This entire investigation, these texts, all of it — this has become a complete farce,” she said. “They have an unlimited budget, they have an unlimited staff, they basically have an unlimited term. Mueller’s team can stay on the hunt forever how long they want. It’s insane!”

But Ingraham stopped short of calling on Mueller to step down or even for Trump to fire him.

“Now, I’m not calling for Mueller to be fired. It’s tempting, but I’m not,” she said. “But at the very least, he needs to put the brakes on this investigation. At least pause it for a bit.”

Instead, a “respected, independent expert” should “thoroughly examine” the investigators, she suggested.

“Otherwise, the public confidence in the Mueller investigation can and should collapse under its own weight,” Ingraham said.

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