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Viral video of desperate man on Calif highway as fire rage restores faith in humanity

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What is it about the human spirit that compels people to put themselves in danger to save others – even as “insignificant” as a rabbit.

As wildfires raged across Southern California and countless families were being displaced and losing their homes, one video of an unknown man caught up in the melee went viral.  A nearby photographer started recording when they saw a young man pull over on the side of a Calif. highway and start running around frantically.

What could he be doing, onlookers wondered.

As the blaze lit up the landscape, the man looked completely desperate as he jumped around until it became clear what he was after.

“He’s saving an animal!” one man on the recording can be heard saying.

The silhouette against the fire showed that the animal appeared to be a small wild rabbit. The photographer told ABC News that the man refused an interview, but he clearly appeared relieved as he cradled the scared animal and walked away.

The photographer told ABC News that the man wasn’t interested in talking about what he had just done. Perhaps he even surprised (and scared) himself as he put himself in a clearly dangerous situation. And just perhaps the mystery man wasn’t interested in becoming the next internet hero for his deed, but the fascination with the video suggests many believe he deserves it.

The man’s actions remind us who we are at our core and what all the good people of this earth share in our hearts… an overwhelming instinct to protect and save the helpless, even when they’re as seemingly “insignificant” as a wild rabbit.

And for that, it’s a video worth watching.


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