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Chelsea needs a Handler: Twitter rant gives sneak preview of ‘political activism’ we can expect

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Americans cheered when Chelsea Handler announced her Netflix show would come to an end after just two seasons–until we learned she’ll be using her free time to engage in more left-wing political activism.

In case anyone wondered what a highly-political Chelsea Handler would look like, the notorious comedienne gave us a peek in a recent Twitter rant.

Handler wrote:

“This is what the Republican Party stands for: NO HEALTH CARE, TAX THE POOR, FEED THE RICH, GIVE MENTALLY DISABLED ACCESS TO GUNS, ALLOW GUN SILENCERS, and the latest new edition: SEXUAL MISCONDUCT. Grab an adult or a minor, just make sure she’s a she.

A sane conservative was nearby, ready to tear down her straw-man arguments.

Sadly, as we’ve so often seen, liberals don’t respond well to the truth.

Although Handler professed to have a deep respect for “facts,” her response was notably fact-free.

It would be easy for Handler to run a quick YouTube search for a video demonstrating how silencers (more appropriately called “suppressors”) actually affect the sound of a firearm.

But rather than do that, she fell back on speculations.

“If they didn’t do anything, they wouldn’t be for sale,” Handler retorted.

The comedienne also shifted her stance on gun control to say that the laws for keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill already exist–but have been weakened.

On the issue of sexual predators, Handler conveniently left out the fact that the two most prominent accused men on Capitol Hill- Al Franken and John Conyers–are Democrats.

If there’s anything positive about Handler’s foray into politics, it’s that she makes trolling her far too easy.


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