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Mark Hamill was rolling along in wheelchair at airport, when confronted he explains the sad reason why

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Monday night saw Star Wars actor Mark Hamill looking less than Jedi-like as he rolled through New York City’s JFK airport in a wheelchair with his little dog.

Which naturally prompted fans to inquire about his health:

Responding to Aldrich’s tweet, the actor claims he was simply using the old “wheelchair trick” to discourage autograph seekers “who constantly badger me” to sign items they intend to sell to “TRUE FANS” on Ebay. Hamill inserted the hashtags #TheyCanGoForceThemselves and #NoMoreAirportSignings.

As President Trump might say, sad!

TMZ posted the video here, then referenced certain ‘The Last Jedi’ rumors in their write-up:

Luke Skywalker’s looking more Vader-like than ever — and we’re not referring to the rumors about ‘The Last Jedi’ plot. Mark Hamill, and his little dog, rolled through JFK airport Monday night in a wheelchair. Mark did his best to cover his face with a dark hat — not unlike a certain Dark side villain.

Fans can be seen greeting Hamill and trying to pry hints about the upcoming movie out of him, but he didn’t bite.

It wasn’t clear if the actor was indeed using the old “wheelchair trick” or whether he was actually injured, but the good news is he did indeed arrive safely to his destination, apparently a birthday party for his dog!

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