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President Trump will hit golf course with Tiger Woods, before bigger and better plans at Mar-a-Lago

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President Trump knows how to achieve the right combination of hard work and leisure.

The President is getting plenty done over the Thanksgiving holiday. Curiously, he’s planning an important talk with the leader of Turkey right after “Turkey Day.”


President Trump didn’t specify the agenda of his conversation with Tayyip Erdogan, though the tweet suggests it will be all-encompassing.

His $6 trillion figure may be a reference to a Wall Street Journal story from earlier this month that reported US military expenditures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Pakistan as being $5.6 trillion since 2001.

The President also plans on tackling jobs, but will find a moment between meetings to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson.


The President will host the pro golfers at his own course, located less than a half-hour drive from his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he spent Thanksgiving.


President Trump’s pledge to play golf “quickly” is a possible jab at his detractors, who often accuse him of playing too much golf.

However, his liberal critics often fail to note the amount of time President Obama spent golfing during his presidency.

President Trump’s supporters know he’s incredibly busy with his America First agenda, and are thus willing to give him a break for spending some time on the golf course once in a while.

Plus, the President’s swing has been known to hit some high-profile targets.


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