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NFL great Herschel Walker unloads on Marshawn Lynch standing for Mexican anthem, sitting for America’s

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If Marshawn Lynch thought honoring the Mexican national anthem while protesting the American anthem on foreign soil wasn’t going to rub Americans the wrong way, he was sorely mistaken.

One of Lynch’s biggest critics is NFL hero Herschel Walker. The Heisman Trophy-winning athlete bluntly criticized Lynch’s unpatriotic behavior and told it like it is–from one running back to another.

“To stand for the Mexico anthem and sit for the American anthem is total disrespect,” Walker told TMZ Sports.

He said he sympathizes with the social causes Lynch seeks to bring awareness to, but disagreed with the tactic of disrespecting the anthem–particularly while in a foreign country.

“I was always a fan [of Marshawn Lynch],” Walker said. “But I tell you what, I’ve lost respect. I’ve lost respect because, you know, whether you agree with Donald or disagree with Donald Trump, to stand for the Mexico anthem and sit for the American anthem is total disrespect.

“And I tell you what, I lost respect for you and … man, that’s just not right.”

Walker said he doesn’t know whether Lynch should be suspended as President Trump suggested.


But he did call on  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to “take control” of the situation.

Walker also took a moment to rebuke LaVar Ball, who ungratefully dismissed President Trump’s role in getting his son, UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, released from prison in China.

“Mr. Ball, you were totally wrong. You should at least apologize to Donald Trump because whether he took a pair of glasses or a piece of candy, stealing is wrong. You know it’s wrong, so apologize to Donald.”

Walker and President Trump have known each other for decades. The famous running back got his start in pro-football playing for the New Jersey Generals, a USFL team then-owned by Donald Trump.


Although the USFL crashed and Walker went on to join the NFL, the real estate mogul and football giant have remained friendly over the years.

While Walker has lost speaking engagements due to his support for the President, he has remained firm in his belief that President Trump is pushing to “get back to what’s best for this country.”


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