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Breaking: House passes major tax cut legislation, how the Democratic Party voted is revealing

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House Republicans voted Thursday to pass a major tax cut that would benefit millions of taxpayers, but not a single Democrat voted to get behind the legislation.

The tax cut vote represents the advancement of a much-needed legislative victory for the Trump administration, should the Senate approve the bill and it reach the president’s desk.

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The final vote tally was 227 ‘ayes’ and 205 ‘nays,’ all of the latter being Democrats.

The Democratic Party and the media have been spreading misinformation about the impact of the tax cuts.

As reported by The Daily Caller, far from 50 million Americans “paying more” under the reform bill, an estimated 133 million households would see a tax reduction of an average of $1,890.

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TPC estimated that over 110 million taxpaying households would benefit from a tax cut under the bill in 2027.

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This is breaking news, more information will be added as forthcoming.

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