As expected, Sheila Jackson Lee is turning the Sessions hearing into an absolute circus

Sheila Jackson Lee has Resistance media enthralled with her nonsensical and irrelevant attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions at his Congressional hearing Tuesday.

It might occur to Congressional Democrats not to waste the Attorney General’s or the American people’s time with far-flung accusations that do nothing but reinforce shop-worn Democrat Media Complex narratives. But hey, it’s good for fundraising, so why not?

Sheila Jackson Lee continued to ask Sessions the same old question, prompting the same old responses.

While Sheila Jackson Lee and the Democrats were putting on their best show for the public, she got an “epic photobomb”:

Here it is:

A fantastic thing happened after Trump intervened on behalf of 3 Chinese-held UCLA players

The reaction to Sheila Jackson Lee’s performance inspired Republicans and Trump supporters:

‘No, honey’: Tight-lipped Whoopi gives curt response to sexual harassment question, publicist abruptly ends interview

Never change, Democrats.

Kyle Becker


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