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NFL politics aside, 49ers wide receiver scores major touchdown hours after infant son’s death

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In a story that reminds us there more important things in life than football, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin knelt in solemnity after an emotional touchdown that came just hours after the death of his infant son.

Midway through the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Giants, Goodwin scored an impressive 83-yard touchdown bumping his team up to 10-6 lead, SFGate reports.

But Goodwin’s mind was elsewhere. Upon making the touchdown, the professional football player and former Olympic long jumper took a knee, made a sign of the cross, and then brought himself completely to the ground.

Following the game, Goodwin slipped away from the stadium quickly.

An Instagram post from Goodwin’s account written just hours before the 49ers-Giants game explains why.


The Goodwins’ son was born prematurely around 4am Sunday morning due to “complications.” The grieving father and his wife, Morgan, extended their thanks to those who had offered prayers on his family’s behalf.

Goodwin, whom teammates describe as the fastest man in the NFL, is a Christian who regularly shares Bible passages on his social media accounts.


Eric Reid, who plays safety for the 49ers, commended Goodwin for scoring 49ers’ longest touchdown pass since 2005 in the face of such overwhelming tragedy.

“I have so much respect for him, to come out here and still play, with the hurt that he had in his heart, and to ball out,” Reid said.

Despite the NFL’s alienation of much of its fan base over the highly covered national anthem protests, masses of people spoke out to support Goodwin and his wife in their moment of pain.

Despite the disagreements we may have over politics, there are times that call for putting differences aside and uniting over our common humanity.

Maybe we can all just get along.


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