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Donna Brazile confronted about Hillary’s failing health during campaign – her response is revealing

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It turns out, all the coughing, rambling and falling from Hillary on the campaign trail wasn’t a figment of the collective imagination as the mainstream media was trying to portray.

Hillary Clinton’s regular coughing bouts and tumbles became a concern for many (excluding most of the mainstream media) on the campaign trail. Image: Screen shot.

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile lit up the political world by accusing Hillary Clinton of rigging the primary election to oust rising socialist Bernie Sanders – something many Sanders and Trump supporters also suspected all along.

Brazile’s been on a tirade ever since, and made an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight to claim Clinton’s feeble health was indeed, real.

Carlson addressed a shocking part of Brazile’s new book “Hacks” where she admitted that Clinton was so sick there was a point where there was talk of replacing her with former Vice President Joe Biden.

“That’s such a big deal, that it was striking when I read that,” Carlson said. “I thought, here there are a thousand reporters covering this campaign, and not one of them picked up anything like that?”

“The candidate’s health was that bad, that she was considered, maybe, not able to finish?” Carlson asked.

“How could reporters not know that?” Carlson asked.

The former DNC chair admitted Hillary’s famous fainting episode set off a firestorm of panic within the Democrat Party’s inner circles.

While not directly addressing Carlson’s question as to why reporters didn’t openly cover Hillary’s health, she did say they were on to the story, at least behind the scenes.

“Let me just tell you, I had a lot of reporters who were calling my office, calling my home,” Brazile began. “In fact, there was a reporter that I mentioned, who broke the story to me that she had fainted.”

Brazile said that at the time she considered Hillary a friend and was more immediately concerned with her health than anything else.

Brazile’s disclosure and Carlson’s points certainly highlight the media’s selective coverage and bias in a big, and disturbing way.


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