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Halfway through Woody Harrelson’s dinner date with Trump, actor walked out and did amazing thing

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Actor Woody Harrelson shared what he described as a “brutal” meal he once had with President Donald Trump, detailing what he did after walking out half way through the dinner…

…after all, the Hollywood actor must maintain his liberal street cred.

Plugging his film, “LBJ,” a Lyndon B. Johnson biopic directed by raging progressive Rob Reiner, Harrelson was on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” and said retired pro wrestler and all around heel Jesse Ventura invited him along to a dinner with Trump in 2002 — the Academy Award nominated actor said Trump was trying to convince Ventura to run with him on the 2004 Democratic presidential ticket.

While there’s likely never been a pairing of two bigger narcissists than Harrelson and Maher, the actor marveled over how much Trump talked about himself.

“I never met a more narcissistic man,” Harrelson said. “He talked about himself the whole time. You could see the standard he was going to bear.”

And his solution was to get stoned.

“I had to walk out halfway through to smoke a joint just to like steel myself from the rest of it,” Harrelson said.

As for the film, Reiner is selling the notion that President Lyndon B. Johnson, who had an intense rivalry with President John F. Kennedy, was committed to making his predecessor’s vision a reality.

Tom Tillison


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