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Trump walked into a GOP lunch, what a protester threw at him is not only insulting, but dangerous

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President Donald Trump walked into a GOP policy lunch on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, not expecting that a protester would hurl a foreign object at him.

The foreign object? A Russian flag: the perfect embodiment of the left’s refusal to let their witch hunt go regarding why Hillary Clinton lost the election.

The offender? Ryan Clayton of Americans Take Action. And by action, that apparently means assaulting the president of the United States by throwing objects at him.

“Trump is treason!” the protester yelled as he confronted the president.

Clayton is a repeat offender, as well. As The Hill points out, he showed up at CPAC and tricked attendees into waving Russian flags:

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It appears that the Secret Service should take threats such as those presented by random activists seriously. It may not be a Russian flag that gets thrown at the president, next time.

Kyle Becker


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