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Trump-supporting waiter serves up cold justice to MLB player who took a knee during national anthem

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Major League Baseball player Bruce Maxwell wants America to know just how unfair the country is. (He should know, he’ll likely wind up making more money in a year just to play a game than most people earn in a lifetime.)

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

In September, the Oakland As catcher made a political statement during the national anthem by refusing to join normal Americans in paying proper respect.

“I want to play baseball. I love my job. I love this country. I want to be part of this country,” he argued. “But to live in fear … People should not be afraid to lose their jobs for speaking their minds, for peacefully speaking their minds about social issues.”

Contrary to left-wing delusion, the president has no authority to “fire” professional athletes for their political speech. As the duly elected leader of the nation, however, he is fully within his rights to defend it against those who would attack what it stands for.

That’s where a Trump-supporting waiter comes in. Maxwell recently claimed in a video at TMZ that he was discriminated against aka “profiled”:

“He was like, ‘You’re the guy who took the knee? I voted for Trump and I stand for everything he stands for,'” the waiter allegedly said.

Note that the subject of race didn’t come up once in the conversation, leading one to believe that it’s not Maxwell’s skin color, but his disrespectful behavior that the Trump supporter might have issue with.

For perspective, Maxwell’s newfound friend is Colin Kaepernick, whom Maxwell calls a “strong, level-headed individual.” Let that one sink in for a bit.

Maxwell also says that he’s “very patriotic” and comes from a military family. But his reason for disrespecting the national anthem: It all comes down to petty politics for him.

One example is his post on Instagram:


“This is beyond race,” he told Yahoo! Sports. “This is about our president speaking out in a vulgar, negative way against people exercising their rights in a peaceful manner. It’s about mankind.”

Just to be clear, there are many Americans who wouldn’t protest during the national anthem – a period of time set aside to honor military serviceman for sacrificing for our freedom – to make any political statement.

Simply because people “exercise their rights” in a peaceful manner doesn’t mean the president, or any other Americans, have to agree with them.

That whole freedom of speech thing? It works both ways; contrary to what the left-wing media might lead people to believe.

Kyle Becker


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