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Huckabee on Hillary’s awkward interview: ‘If she’d worked as hard to win, as she has to explain her loss …’

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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said on Sunday that if Hillary Clinton worked as hard to win the 2016 election as does explaining why she lost, she’d be calling the White House home.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Huckabee was commenting on Clinton’s interview Friday with BBC’s Andrew Marr.

“Watching this video, I went through two boxes of Kleenex just weeping for her because it was so sad to realize that this was stolen from her,” Huckabee deadpanned.

The former Republican presidential candidate said Clinton keeps pointing to excuses that are not true, such as saying the Russians stole the DNC emails.

In the BBC interview, Clinton tried to distract from the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal by calling President Donald Trump a “sexual assaulter” — ironically, when she was reminded of her own husband’s sexual misdeeds, Clinton dismissed it as “old news,” according to Fox News.

When asked, Huckabee said he doesn’t recall that Trump ever admitted to sexually assaulting anyone.

“I do recall that Bill Clinton lost his law license, he was impeached, he admitted that he lied under oath and that there have been a number of women who have never been disproven to be wrong about their allegations regarding him,” he said.

Huckabee then put it all into perspective.

“If she’d worked as hard to win the presidency as she has to explain her loss in the presidency – heck – she MIGHT have won,” he quipped.

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