Threats force Arizona eatery to close indefinitely after professing support for Trump and God on Facebook

An Arizona restaurant was forced to shut down over a seemingly innocuous Facebook post that was supportive of America.

…AND President Donald Trump.

The owners of “Cup it Up American Grill” in Tucson posted a statement on their social media page of what they do and do not support.

In the plus column was President Trump, standing for the national anthem and God, among other things. The negative column included kneeling for the national anthem, political correctness and fake news.

“If you like this post, please share it with 5 friends and we look forward to your next visit!” the offering concluded. “If you disagree with this post, please share it with 100 friends and we won’t be expecting you anytime soon!”

And in divisive, post-Obama America, that was all it took to prompt “major backlash,” according to ABC15.

Ron Sanchez, whose granddaughter works at the restaurant, said the criticism included serious threats.

“People threatened to burn down the restaurant with the owners in it,” Sanchez told ABC15. “It’s a crazy world we’re in.”

The backlash was so intense, several employees reportedly quit. Citing the “safety of our employees, and families,” the owners, Christopher Smith and Jay Warren, decided to close “indefinitely.”

The following notice was posted in the eatery’s window:

More on the story from KGUN:

Tom Tillison


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