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Fmr Pussycat Doll ‘kept a journal with timelines’… defiant pro-Trumper’s coming for Hollywood elites

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Singer Kaya Jones warned Hollywood she was not going to roll over and play dead.

The President Trump supporter and former member of the Pussycat Dolls, unleashed her anger on “Hollywood elites” who wronged her and other women in the entertainment industry in a tweetstorm on Friday, warning that she “kept a journal with timelines” to back her allegations.

The 33-year-old platinum recording artist reacted to the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal with the series of tweets, calling out those in the industry who tried drugging women and blacklisting any who would not play along with their games.

She even revealed that her former group was more like a “prostitution ring” than a girl band.

She fired back at those, not just men, who had been part of the scandalous behind-the-scenes behavior.

Jones admitted that her career, and even her life, could be in danger because of her speaking up.

The singer confronted Hollywood hypocrites who would not step up and say something even though they were aware, as was the media.

Jones, who left the stage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas just a short time before Stephen Paddock opened fire on concert goers from his hotel room window, put Hollywood on notice: She has records and is not afraid to use them.

Jones declared that she was prepared for the death threats, revealing that she had a letter “ready to go” if anything happened to her.

Twitter users reacting to Jones’ tweets were encouraging and praised her for speaking out.

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