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‘Far too long we’ve been told to shut up’: Phil Robertson takes no prisoners in new show’s powerful promo

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Phil Robertson is not a fan of political correctness.

The “Duck Dynasty” star and Robertson family patriarch promises to deliver none of that “pontificated crap” in his new show, “In the Woods with Phil.”

“What does a man do when they try to run him out of town for quoting a Bible verse? I tell you what he does: he goes deep in the woods and he starts a fire,” Robertson said in a promotional video for the new show on Conservative Review TV.

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The outspoken Christian and President Trump supporter has not shied away from the controversy his remarks have sometimes made while starring in the popular A&E series which ended its five-year, 130 episode run earlier this year. Robertson was briefly suspended from “Duck Dynasty” by the network for what they deemed offensive comments he made in a 2013 GQ profile.

“For far too long we have been told to shut up. No more. Here’s the deal, America. These are my woods,” Robertson continued in the video. “Out here, I call the shots. Out here, we reject political correctness, or as I like to say, ‘pontificated crap.’”

Robertson will be joining the likes of Mark Levin, Steven Crowder and Michelle Malkin on the digital streaming network.

“Our culture and values are being overrun and progressives are hell bent on purging traditional values from media,” CRTV senior vice president, Gaston Mooney, told The Hollywood Reporter. “Phil is a Christian and CRTV is proud to have him proclaim from our platform.”

Robertson is set to give a sneak-peek of the show at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C. Friday where President Trump will also be making an appearance.

Robertson fans will no doubt be glad the 71 year-old founder of the Duck Commander company will have a platform to speak his mind on CRTV which streams ad-free for $99-a-year.

“Most media are ashamed of America, its values and just has an aversion to plain old common sense,” Robertson told The Hollywood Reporter.

“What did I hear today? That a girl can now be a Boy Scout? The name is ‘Boy Scout.’ How hard is that to understand? If liberals and Hollywood elites are going to pressure a network and advertisers to abandon me for saying something that is common sense as ‘You need to be a boy to be a Boy Scout,’ then I am going to go where they can’t silence me,” he said, adding , “I have never been one to shut up.”

Fans on Twitter were excited with the news and looking forward to some unfiltered Robertson commentary.

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