Female game developer ‘fired’ for calling colleagues ‘pretty’ in a tweet; you won’t believe the ordeal

A video game industry conference in Poland issued an apology for its apology following a “sexist tweet” by its social media manager.

In an announcement for a panel discussion between female game developers, the Game Industry Conference tweeted: “Women in games is about to start! Gamedev ladies, join us and meet the pretty side of #gamedev” adding a link to the event, which was part of the three day conference at the Poznan International Fair Grounds in Poznan, Poland.

(Image: Game Industry Conference screenshot: Twitter via The Daily Caller)

But calling other women “pretty” was tantamount to a criminal act and set off a backlash on social media.

True to form, feminists ganged up on the female “Twitter trainee,” as she was described by conference organizer Jakub Marszałkowski.

Marszałkowski‏ issued an apology, calling the tweet “unacceptable, disrespectful and sexist” and offering assurances that “GIC is a respectful environment” that has “zero tolerance for such remarks.”

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(Image: via The Daily Caller)

Later, the GIC Twitter account issued another statement apologizing for its earlier “mishandling” of the incident, clarifying that no one was fired but that volunteer services were no longer needed.

“By attempting to equate a badly-drafted tweet clearly intending to complement successful women (albeit in kind of a stupid way) with truly misogynistic language, GIC has done nothing more than embolden onlookers to whine that professional chicks are a bunch of whiny bitches who can’t even take a compliment, much less a joke,” Elura Nanos wrote in an opinion piece for LawNewz.

“As always, if everything is offensive, then nothing is. If casually using the word ‘pretty’ to call positive attention to a women’s technology event is an unforgivable offense, then where does sexual harassment fall on that same spectrum?” Nanos wrote. “Sometimes, a simple statement saying, ‘sorry, we’ll do better next time,’ is worth a thousand zero-tolerance policies.”

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Twitter users seemed to agree as they slammed the conference and its organizer for the reaction to the original tweet and the actions taken to tow a politically correct line.

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