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Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski shares topless photo before taking on Trump

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Rage on, Emily… please!

If this is how Emily Ratajkowski is going to react every time she’s unhappy with the actions of President Donald Trump, millions of men and a fair number of women can’t wait until the next time the president upsets her.

The 26-year-old model posted a topless photo of herself on Instagram Saturday before taking on Trump, who rolled back late last week the Obamacare birth control mandate requiring employers to provide free FDA-approved contraception, to include religious institutions.

Ratajkowski, wearing only a bottom, is seen grabbing her disheveled brown hair while crossing her arms over her bare breasts.

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Ratajkowski followed the attention grabbing photo with a black and white image from what looks to be women in the 60s protesting for equal rights.

“A woman’s right to birth control should not be based on her income. Birth control is healthcare, healthcare is a civil right #mybodymychoice,” the accompanying caption read.

And the more Ratajkowski chooses to expose her body, the more attention she can expect — just ask the Kardashians.

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