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Chelsea Clinton dips her toe in Weinstein scandal and nearly gets it blown off

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The vast right-wing conspiracy lives on!

While the cat appears to have her mother’s tongue, Chelsea Clinton has weighed in on the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal.

…sort of.

Opting not to voice her own opinion, the daughter of the failed presidential candidate shared on social media Saturday a 7-part thread from Judd Legum, editor and founder of the George Soros-backed left-wing political advocacy site Think Progress.

Legum began with the prerequisite condemnation of Weinstein, calling the Democrat donor’s alleged behavior “despicable,” before quickly distracting from that behavior by launching into a political attack on the right, and by extension, President Donald Trump.

An action similar to that seen from Weinstein himself:

Ironically, Legum used the story as a political narrative to complain about it being used as a political narrative, determining that the “core issue here is not Weinstein’s political donations” — of which at least $33,500 flowed to Chelsea’s mother — but the powerful in Hollywood who remained silent and the “far right” not acknowledging sexual harassment as a problem.

Trump responds to Harvey Weinstein sex abuse as Hillary and Hollywood hypocrites remain mum

Hillary Clinton has yet to comment on decades of sexual harassment complaints against the Hollywood producer and her silence thus far is deafening.

As noted by the Washington Examiner, her failure to comment pressures Clinton’s media allies to admit that their shining example of female empowerment isn’t the feminist icon they’ve professed her to be.

Here’s a sampling of responses to Chelsea from Twitter, beginning with the obvious: “…you’re not the one to engage in a discussion of sexual misconduct, deary.”






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