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Gun owner Ashton Kutcher says ‘nobody needs these weapons,’ quickly walks it back when backlash builds

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Unfortunately, celebrities have discovered that they can often resurrect a fading career by injecting their voice into the latest political controversy.

It worked for Alec Baldwin.

Ashton Kutcher, most famous for playing dunces in films like Dude, Where’s My Car? and the TV series That 70s Show, has won himself a good 15 minutes of fame by adding his “expert” opinion to the gun control crusade Democrats have taken up in response to the tragic Las Vegas massacre.

Kutcher says he’s owned guns since he was “12 yrs old.” And yet he still doesn’t seem to understand firearms any better than liberal reporters who Google gun “facts” 10 minutes before running a special report on scary “military grade assault weapons.”

When Kutcher says nobody (which he for some reason decided to write as “No body”) needs “these weapons,” what exactly is he referring to?

It’s already been established that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock didn’t use a fully automatic weapon. He modified legal semiautomatic rifles to get them to simulate automatic fire.

Does Kutcher want to ban semiautomatics? Maybe he does, since, like most celebrities, he’s probably unaware of the difference between automatic and semiautomatic–even though he claims to be a life-long gun owner.

But if the government banned semiautomatic guns, law-abiding citizens would be stuck using bolt-action rifles and revolvers to defend their home against invaders packing uzis. Remember, criminals don’t register their guns.

Kutcher then went on to call for legislation–without specifying what, if anything, he wants to change about federal gun laws.

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The actor’s remark goes along with the emotional “do anything” attitude that presently has a hold of left-wing entertainers. Stephen Colbert captured the hysteria best on Monday night, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. The late-night host said: “Anything but nothing. Doing nothing is cowardice. Doing something will take courage.”

For liberals, it’s a matter of doing something–ANYTHING–for the sake of feeling like you made a difference. It doesn’t matter if what you do actually helps. The important thing is to do SOMETHING. It’s all about those “feels.”

Conservatives aren’t for “doing nothing.” They just prefer effective policy over feel-good virtue-signaling. And any rational person realizes “doing nothing” is always preferable to doing something that will produce bad results.

Twitter users know it’s easier to call for vague reform than to propose workable solutions.

To which the Punk’d star began to walk it back a bit and replied:

Perhaps there is a middle ground, but it won’t be found by hyperventilating celebrities who think being on TV absolves them doing their due diligence on the issues.

Kutcher may be funny in the movies, but the public isn’t letting him off the hook for his incoherent ramblings.

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