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John McCain’s a new celeb hero to Rosie, Cher and Kimmel, but one shout-out will make you sick

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Predictably, Arizona Senator John McCain has yet again betrayed his constituents, President Trump, his party, and the American people by deciding to vote ‘no’ on the latest GOP effort to repeal Obamacare.

But leftist celebrities? Well, they’re quite giddy at their longtime ally’s decision, and were quick to voice their support on Twitter.

Starting with uber-leftist hag Rosie O’Donnell, who tweeted a picture of the two pals shaking hands followed by the words, “first things first – you are the realest. thank u SENATOR – for all you have given to this great nation.”

Aw, how sweet. If “all you have given” means total betrayal of one’s promises and the values that made America great, like low taxes, liberty, and the free market, maybe it applies.

And the floodgates of support didn’t stop with Rosie.

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OK, getting on the right side of Rosie, Cher, and Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t bode well, but when Planned Parenthood is a fan, you know you’re REALLY doing something evil.

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