NY Times reporter tries to save face after slamming Trump with child labor concerns about boy mowing WH lawn

Eleven-year-old Frank Giaccio received widespread praise after cutting the White House lawn at President Trump’s invitation. The internet fell in love with the entrepreneurial boy willing to get his hands dirty, and the story went viral on social media.

However, Trump supporters immediately braced themselves for inevitable criticism from people who fanatically search for any excuse to censure the President–even over the most seemingly innocent things.

The criticism came, in the form of “child labor” concerns from former New York Times labor reporter Steven Greenhouse.

Greenhouse (who mistakenly says Frank Giaccio is ten-years-old), took issue with having a young boy operate a lawn mower. Apparently, his parents never had him mow the lawn as a kid.

And the former reporter’s mention of “minimum wage” seems to allude to the fact that Giaccio offered to mow the lawn free of charge, a service for which he normally charges $8.

The reaction to Greenhouse’s strange tweet was swift and severe, with a surprising consensus opinion among the social media users–who were outraged at the journalist’s critique of the boy’s work ethic.



Greenhouse quickly tried to save face. He claimed he wasn’t trying to criticize Trump or Giaccio, but simply wanted to bring attention to child safety. Greenhouse went on a multi-tweet rant about the dangers of letting young kids mow the law. He also engaged in heated argument with other Twitter users.

Steven Greenhouse spent 31 years as a reporter for the New York Times and still contributes on occasion. Much of his work has been devoted to defending unions and organized labor.

Frank Giaccio runs his own business mowing neighbors’ lawns and performing weed whacking. He did the White House gig for free at the suggestion of his father. White House staff provided Giaccio with equipment and he was under close supervision while he worked.

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