Citizens rise up to oust local politician after he forces terror-linked mosque on community

The citizens of Prince William County, Virginia are in outrage after Corey Stewart, the at-large Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors, allegedly abused his authority to provide a permit for a mosque linked to terror groups.

In response, the people of William Count are petitioning for Stewart’s recall and seeking to undo authorization for the 22,400 square foot “mega-mosque.”

The future Islamic mosque, which is to be located in rural Nokesville, is owned by the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center), which operates five congregations in Virginia. Gainesville Muslims currently hold their worship services in a hotel in Manassas, but want a permanent and larger facility.

However, citizens of Prince William County became concerned upon learning that ADAMS CENTER is affiliated with the North American Islamic Trust (NIST), which was an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2000 Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas, Texas.

As a result of the case, five Muslims were ultimately imprisoned for channeling money from Islamic charities to the terrorist organization Hamas.

NIST is also an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been involved in deadly terror attacks. The federal government has repeatedly considered labeling the organization a terrorist group.

But Stewart brushed aside these concerns during the hearing that dealt with granting a permit to ADAMS Center. He claims the Board of Supervisors was obligated to approve ADAMS’ requests of a special-use permit for a public sewer connection because the county had previously granted such permits to Christian churches.

Stewart argues that Prince William County could be deemed to be in violation of federal nondiscrimination laws if it denies a permit to the Muslim mosque.

But citizens accuse Stewart of violating board procedures in order to get the vote he wanted. The original vote was a 4-4 denial.  Stewart allegedly forced a “dramatic change of procedure” to get a 5-3 vote in favor.

Kay Herrera, a founder of the group Save Our Prince William County, is leading the movement to recall Stewart. She urges citizens to watch the final hour of the  late-night June 27 hearing, which dragged into the next day.

“At the end, after the vote was called, Chairman Stewart was badgering and intimidating Supervisor Jenkins and telling him how Chairman Stewart himself was going to vote and how Supervisor Jenkins should vote,” Herrera said.

Herrera’s organization needs 7,000 signatures to force a court review of Stewart’s procedures. Such a review could ultimately lead to a recall vote on the Chairman.

Stewart himself claims to be unaffected by the movement to remove him. He told the press: “How concerned am I about it? Zero.” In fact, Stewart views the recall petition as evidence that he is doing well.

“When people see politicians getting attacked, it means they’re actually getting something done,” he said. Corey Stewart is a Republican who is running for the Virginia Senate seat currently held by Tim Kaine (D-VA).

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