‘Are you high?’ Billy Baldwin feels the heat after attempt to shame Hope Hicks goes terribly wrong

Well that’s embarrassing.

Billy Baldwin not only failed with a tweet aimed at shaming Hope Hicks, the layers of failure went on and on.

The actor and younger brother of Alec Baldwin took aim at Hicks and news that her interim position as White House communications director would become permanent.

Where does one even start?

Baldwin used a meme with a photo of model Hilary Rhoda, not one of Hicks.

Hicks is set to step in to the position vacated by Anthony Scaramucci who was fired in July just ten days after taking over the position from former press secretary Sean Spicer.

The tweet from Baldwin continued to backfire.

He also apparently needed a lesson in the difference between politics and public relations.

The ripples in the pond continued as Baldwin got raked over the coals for attacking a woman in a high paying position. Of course, that would not be the case if Hicks was a liberal.

Somehow Baldwin missed the irony in slamming the Trump administration for paying a woman a high salary equivalent to a man in a similar position.

Baldwin had not yet commented or taken down the post, allowing plenty of Twitter users to continue mocking him.

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Frieda Powers


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