Little Green Footballs founder is hammered for comparing Trump’s election to ‘equally disastrous’ 9/11

Charles Johnson, the ultra-liberal founder of Little Green Footballs, has finally allowed his serious case of ‘Trump-Derangement-Syndrome’ to take him completely off the rails.

As proof, check out this Monday tweet comparing the 9/11 attacks to the “election of Donald Trump.” Both will be “equally disastrous, if not more so,” don’t you know.

And as of this writing, he’s doubling-down. “I absolutely stand by this,” Johnson tweeted. “Trump has already destroyed much of what’s good about America, and it’s getting worse every day.” He then responded to a questioner who asked what Trump could have possibly done that compares to a murderous terrorist attack on America’s soil that killed over 3,000 people, people who, by the way, he means “no disrespect to.”

The response from normal people with, you know, souls, was predictable:

But you know you’ve gone to far, or at least you should know you’ve gone too far, when freaking Kurt Eichenwald is calling you out.

Yep! But guess what? Johnson is STILL doubling down, because that’s what Social Justice Warriors do.

Johnson then unbelievably tried to compare the war against ISIS that President Trump is winning handily with the 9/11 attacks.

Like nobody ever died during Obama’s various ‘attempts’ at winning wars in the Middle East.

We’re pretty sure who the wingnut is, Charles, and it’s not us!

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