Marco Rubio botches ‘Game of Thrones’ to try to get Floridians to hunker down, gets relentlessly mocked on Twitter

It’s not quite on the level of a Category 3-5 hurricane barreling toward Florida, but the fact that Marco Rubio hasn’t watched “Games of Throne,” er, Game of Thrones, or is even aware of the show enough to state the name correctly is at least surprising enough for the Florida senator to be relentlessly mocked on Twitter.

Taking part in a final-hour briefing by the Miami-Dade County emergency operation Center, Rubio advised his constituents to stay indoors and watch “Game of Throne, whatever it’s called” instead of getting out and getting hit by a tree or flying debris.

“Don’t be the guy that gets killed by the tree,” Rubio said. “Every year we have it, the guy that’s standing around, the tree falls on their head. Don’t be the guy or the gal that gets killed by the tree.”

What he said next isn’t on the video, but that didn’t mean plenty of people didn’t hear it.

“It’s a great time to … catch up on ‘Games of Throne,’ whatever it’s called, I haven’t watched it myself. If you’re in the shelter, just ride it out at this point.”

Rubio said tropical winds “are serious winds. That stuff blows off tiles, it knocks down trees.”

To his credit, the Florida senator has done everything he can to warn residents about the impending hurricane. But regardless, let the mocking begin:

Anyone who watches the show will LOL at Miller’s tweet.

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