Mom orders a phone screen on eBay and it comes with a free bag of heroin

A simple online order of a phone accessory left one young mother in shock when her package arrived.

While an incorrectly shipped item can usually be returned to a seller, the woman in England did not even want to touch the package she received from an eBay transaction.

The unidentified mother of two spent $3.90 on a shock-proof glass screen protector for her iPhone in a recent eBay auction but when she opened the package, she found heroin instead, the New York Post reported.

The mother called police when she discovered the bag of what appeared to be heroin, packaged in a silver wallet marked “H1.”

“I was completely [freaking out] all day after I found it – it’d been just sat with the mail for three days until I could find a quiet time to sort my phone,” said the woman from Plymouth, Devon — a city on the south coast of England.

“It’s a bit worrying when you’ve got kids. I’m just nervous it being in the house with two children to be honest – the sooner they (the police) take it away, the better,” she said, referring to her four and seven-year-old children. “My kids are good as gold and wouldn’t go opening the mail but it is worrying – there’s always a risk. Especially if a teenager got their hands on it perhaps.”

EBay launched an urgent probe reportedly suspended the seller.

That seller has sold to almost 7,000 buyers and has a 99.3% positive feedback score, according to the Post. The seller also noted that all of his new products are opened and checked before sending as “sometimes stock becomes damaged.”

“I think the person who’s sold it was completely oblivious because he/she wrote on their online account that they open and check all of the goods they sell to make sure they haven’t been broken in transit,” the mother said. “I just thought what are these extra packages? I opened it and ran out to my husband saying ‘oh my God look what I’ve just found.’”

The woman has bought and sold items on eBay before but said she has “never come across anything like this before.”

Her husband concurred.

“You just don’t expect to find that in your mail,” he said. “I Googled heroin and the image looked really similar to what we had in front of us.”

He added that he did not even want to take the package into the police himself.

“The police asked me to bring it in but I wasn’t carrying that around with me – I wasn’t taking any chances,” he said.  “I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess as to how much it might be worth – certainly more than the $3.90 we paid.”


Frieda Powers


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