Cher snaps over DACA, tells tweeter ‘keep your eyes opened, b**ch’

Aw, Cher wants to take in a DACA Dreamer.

As in, take them into her actual mansion, or one of them, presumably. And she’s asking her fans to follow suit.

Of course, most liberal virtue-signaling is just that – words and not actions, as evidenced by the fact that Democrats and liberals notoriously give less to charity than conservatives. So it’s no wonder that one Twitter user took issue with Cher’s stated intentions by replying, “Sure you will, Cher… I’ll believe it when I see it!”

Which, of all the responses, immediately set the singer off:

Sensitive much, Cher? Criticism hitting a little too close to home?

We couldn’t publish the link to the actual exchange because apparently Cher turned the heat up so much on that poor hapless Twitterer that she felt forced to lock her account:

Maybe Cher will follow through on her promise, and maybe she won’t. But given the brouhaha over her tweet and Webb’s challenge, it’s much more likely she’ll be ‘shamed’ into action, whether she originally intended to or not!

The singer’s liberal fans, of course, were loving it.

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Scott Morefield


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