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Hawaii explores ‘guaranteed pay’ in response to robots replacing humans; everyone gets enough to meet basic needs

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Technological innovations have some worried that robots and machines will soon take away the livelihoods of some human beings.

Amid the union-backed campaign to increase the minimum wage driving up costs in fast food restaurants, self-service kiosks are already being rolled out in businesses.

But Democrats in Hawaii have a solution for those whose may soon find themselves replaced by robots: a universal basic income.

State lawmakers have voted to explore the idea “that everyone should be able to receive a stream of income to live on, regardless of their employment or economic status,” CBS News reported.

Talk about a liberal utopia, this coveted pillar of progressivism not only ensures “economic security” for all, it also guarantees “economic justice.”

…though Hawaii may soon have to start regulating who’s allowed into their state.

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Democratic state Rep Chris Lee told CBS News that it’s important “to be sure that everybody will benefit from the technological revolution that we’re seeing to make sure no one’s left behind.”

“Our economy is changing far more rapidly than anybody’s expected,” Lee said.

According to CBS News, under universal basic income, “every adult would receive a uniform fixed amount that would be deemed enough to meet basic needs.”

The network said that political leaders would likely decide how the benevolence is paid for — meaning those who carry the water pick up the tab, not those who drink the water.

Tom Tillison


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