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James Woods was bold enough to nail DACA ‘scam’ in one simple tweet, and it’s gone viral

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Everyone is weighing in on President Trump’s impending decision on whether or not Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program should remain in place absent some sort of Congressional legislation.

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While Trump is reportedly leaning toward ending the program with a 6-month delay to allow Congress to act, most Republican politicians and pundits are missing the point.

Did President Obama act unconstitutionally by unilaterally acting outside the delegated powers of the executive branch? Certainly.

Would President Trump be within his rights and even wise to keep his campaign promise to end the program before lawsuits, and the courts, force him to do so? Absolutely.

Does Congress have the right to reinstate the program through Constitutional processes? Indeed.

However, and it’s a big hairy however, it’s ALL just a giant smokescreen

…all of it, and leave it to actor and conservative provocateur James Woods to nail the entire scam in one simple 15-word (if you include the awesome hashtag) tweet:

Spot on, Mr. Woods! Despite the howls from the left and the cowardly virtue-signalling from Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, and the rest of the traitorous RINO ‘right,’ the ultimate goal of those who would make the ‘Dreamers’ on a path to citizenship, even if done legally and Constitutionally, is to add to the Democratic voter base.

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And supposing Trump ends DACA and Congress brings it up, what would conservatives get in return? Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter puts it cynically but, sadly, truthfully:

And in the most Congressional GOP move of all possible Congressional GOP moves, they now want to try to pass a proposed DACA fix using Democrat votes and so their proposed deal to the Democrats – who really, really want 800,000 future voters – is to trade it for…wait for it…still waiting…nothing. The GOP isn’t asking for anything. No new limits on immigrants, no reform of chain immigration, certainly no wall. Nothing. I hope the dealer tries out this innovative new negotiation strategy on me the next time I bargain to lease a fine German sports sedan.

Actually, the GOP does get something – shafted, as usual. Yeah, their deal is we give you Democrats what you want and, in exchange, you call us racists when Elizabeth Warren proposes to declare all these middle-aged Dreamer kids US citizens. Because, you know, they had dreams and stuff.

Plenty of folks weighed in on Woods’ viral tweet. Here’s a sampling:

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