Woman says she’ll abort her baby if she doesn’t get enough Twitter action

By Grace Carr, DCNF DCNF

A woman recently announced that she was pregnant on Twitter and would allegedly abort her baby if she didn’t get enough retweets.

She wrote in her Twitter post that she was four months pregnant and demanded at least 4,000 retweets or she would abort the unborn child she claims to be carrying.

Calls to delete her account erupted after her post, and many Twitter users condemned her simultaneous baby announcement and abortion threat as either some kind of sick joke or a display of disregard for human life.

Others viewed it simply as a ploy for attention. “If it was a joke; it wasn’t funny; it wasn’t cute, and if the woman was serious, it actually was downright evil,” The Daily Wire wrote on Monday.

“INSTEAD OF LETTING ME KNOW IT WAS MY BABY YOU DECIDED TO COME ON TWITTER WITH THIS BULLSHIT?” the woman’s alleged boyfriend wrote in response. Their exchange continued on to new ridiculous heights, including the boyfriend’s accusation that the woman had claimed he died.

The Twitter battle became even more messy when a second woman accused the boyfriend of fathering her child as well.

Real or fake, the woman received over 4k retweets and will not abort her alleged baby if she keeps her promise.

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