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Ivanka shares sweet thank you notes from children. Look what sick Trump-haters turn it into …

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Just when you thought liberals couldn’t go any lower.

Ivanka Trump’s heartfelt gratitude for fan mail in photos she shared gave lefty critics an opportunity to show off their maturity level.

“Overjoyed by these beautiful letters. Reading them is one of the highlights of my week,” the 35-year-old first daughter wrote, sharing photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The images showed Trump sitting at a table sorting through letters and another image with a close up of the colorful letters, which appeared to be thank you notes written by children, though it was not clear what for.

Almost on cue, the haters unleashed comments mocking Trump, finding a way to use innocent notes from children to make a political statement against her and her father.

Some ridiculed the president as being the one to have written the notes, mocking the child-like handwriting.

Others suggested the fan mail came from other Trump administration staffers, including White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Some even had a meltdown over one drawing that had used dollar signs as eyes.

That drawing apparently inspired a T-shirt design.

The young mother of three kept it classy, however, and ignored the garbage being spewed by so-called adults. She tweeted a message to those in the path of hurricane Harvey on Friday.

Amazingly, even that personal note of prayer and safety earned her backlash.

There were plenty of more mature reactions though, as many Twitter users thought the photos and fan mail were adorable – and the hate was anything but.

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