Watch anti-Trump activists douse reporters in the face with white powder: ‘Make America white again!’

By Henry Rodgers and Ted Goodman, DCNF DCNF

Reporters for The Daily Caller News Foundation were doused with white powder by protesters calling for the removal of a Confederate statue in downtown Washington, D.C., Friday evening.

“White flour! White flour! Make America white again!” a woman carrying a bag of what appeared to by flour said as she threw the white powder in protest. “Wife power! Wife power! Go wife power! Go wife power!” the woman chanted.

The protesters had gathered under a statue of Albert Pike, an American lawyer and prominent Free Mason who also served as a brigadier general in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. The statue of Pike is the only outdoor statue dedicated to a Confederate soldier in the nation’s capitol.

Image: Screenshot
Image: Screenshot

A national debate over the presence of Confederate monuments on public land has reached a fever pitch after the events in Charlottesville Aug. 12.

The group of radical leftists made TheDCNF reporters the main focus of this protest, screaming in their faces, calling them Nazis, white supremacists, racists, and bigots, while the reporters were on the scene to cover their demonstration.

Image: DCNF

Protesters attempted to shove TheDCNF reporters out of the area, but didn’t succeed. The radical leftists used umbrellas, posters, and flags to block the camera, while continuing to shove the two reporters away from the public space.

Photojournalist Alejandro Alvarez posted the following images to Twitter.

The protesters continued to heckle the reporters, chanting “Go home Nazis!” and demanding that the reporters leave the public space.

Image: DCNF

The protest ended early as it was met with rain and lightning.

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