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Jenna Jameson cracks Dem rep over his ‘soft skull’ for latest attempt to impeach Trump

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Rep. Steve Cohen got owned when Jenna Jameson called out his excuse to impeach President Trump.

And when a former porn star gives a congressman a reality check, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

The Tennessee liberal seemed pretty proud of the latest angle as Democrats seek ways to impeach the president.

“Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the President said ‘there were very fine people on both sides.’ There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen,” Cohen said in a statement.

Jameson gave Cohen a much needed history lesson.


The model and former adult actress also launched a new favorite hashtag.

Funny how Democrats are ready to impeach a president over his words but allow hate speech from one of their senators to go unpunished.

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Jameson managed to set a few other Twitter users straight as well when they attacked her tweet.

Twitter users celebrated Cohen’s takedown and Jameson’s “moment of truth.”

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