‘I feel like we’re in a bar.’ CNN’s Don Lemon in familiar territory when panelists get out of control

CNN anchor Don Lemon found himself fighting a losing battle as he lost control of his guest panel during a segment Wednesday.

The subject of the FBI raid of the home of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort became a point of contention for panelists Charles Blow and Ben Ferguson during the “CNN Tonight” segment.

When Ferguson suggested that Blow personally wanted the Manafort issue to be directly tied to the Trump campaign, the New York Times columnist shot back that Ferguson seemed to be psychoanalyzing him. The rest of the panel then jumped in with everyone yelling at once.

Lemon looked on helplessly as each panelist fought to be heard.

“I feel like we’re in a bar.” he finally said.

And he should know.

Lemon’s infamous coverage of New Year’s Eve festivities from a bar in New Orleans saw him downing shots of tequila and getting his ear pierced on live television. His drunken antics through the night’s coverage launched the hashtag #DrunkDonLemon on Twitter and earned him plenty of criticism, including some serious shade from former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien.

Lemon’s comment during Wednesday’s panel breakdown fell on deaf ears as the guests continued to talk over each other. Even the anchor’s multiple calls to “stop, stop, stop” to talk radio host John Fredericks seemed to be unsuccessful for a few moments before he finally got a word in.

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Frieda Powers


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