Between Mayor de Blasio’s workout routine and daily naps, it’s a wonder anything gets done

Along with being one of the country’s most liberal mayors, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is also reportedly one of the laziest.

According to an exclusive report from the New York Post based on former staffers who have worked at the mayor’s office, de Blasio regularly engages in a morning workout routine at a Brooklyn YMCA that can last as much as an hour and a half, followed by a long nap on his office couch.

All while everyone else is busy actually working.

One former staffer told the post that the mayor “would arrive at 10 a.m. after working out and then would be napping.”

Another source said he covers his face with a newspaper while he is dozing to block out that pesky daylight, and the whole routine is “pretty widely known within the building.”

“He would tell his front-office staff: ‘Don’t bother me for the next 30, 45 minutes. I’m going to take a nap,” said the source.

Which naturally takes its toll on the actual work being performed.

“We couldn’t plan our days that first year at City Hall. Regardless of what you think of [previous Mayor Michael] Bloomberg, that guy was professional. Now, we’ve got this incompetence,” the source told the Post.

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The sources blame the naps on the New York mayor’s propensity to attend late-night events as well as his insistence on working out at the Park Slope YMCA every day.

“He was getting up earlier than he wanted because he was insisting on going to the gym,” said a source. “Two o’clock, three o’clock would come around, and he would go home and take a nap.”

Of course, the silver lining here is that lazy socialists are arguably better than effective socialists. The less they get done, the better!

Finally, an interesting opposite perspective:

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