Cold, hard, economic facts make Elizabeth Warren eat her Trump-bashing words

Someone give Sen. Elizabeth Warren a fork so she can get busy eating her own words.

The Massachusetts Democrat set her sights on the economy in a Senate speech Thursday, slamming President Trump and the GOP for their “all out assault on US workers.”

One day later, the economy responded.

Unemployment hit a 16-year low and the U.S. economy added 209,000 new jobs in July, the Department of Labor announced.

An outspoken critic of the president, Warren has waged her own “all out assault” on Trump from the start, opposing him on issues from the economy to health care and women’s rights.

“They’ve carried out a comprehensive, all-out assault on American workers,” Warren said. “President Trump and Congressional Republicans have acted to undermine the safety and economic security of hard-working Americans.”

But those Americans saw a different picture with the numbers coming out from the Labor Department.

Warren’s remarks would be comical enough as misinformation, but the timing of the July jobs report could not have been more perfect.

On a strange side note, Eric Trump wanted to know why his tweets about the economy were being censored as too sensitive.

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Frieda Powers


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