Hamburg knife attacker was rejected asylum seeker but not deported because he ‘lacked identity papers’

As Germany approaches a presidential election and a chance to rid themselves of the disastrous Angela Merkel this September, the immigration debate has been reignited by the 26-year-old yet-unnamed Islamic terrorist who killed one person and injured five others during a Hamburg supermarket stabbing rampage on Friday.

It’s not so much the scope of the attack, – as tragic as any death is, this attack was small – but rather the fact that it was so entirely preventable.

Turns out, according to the Wall Street Journal, the man was an asylum-seeker from the United Arab Emirates whose application had been rejected.

Only he couldn’t be deported because he “lacked identity papers.”

In a Friday statement, Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz said:

“It further makes me angry that the attacker appeared to be someone who sought protection among us in Germany and then turned his hatred against us. This shows how urgently the legal and practical obstacles to deportation must be removed.”

According to a witness interviewed on German TV, the man yelled “Allahu akbar” in the Hamburg supermarket while he killed a 50-year-old German man and injured five others with a large knife.

The Hamburg police weren’t able to confirm the whole “Allahu akbar” part, nor were they sure if Islamicist ideology had anything whatsoever to do with the attack. A spokesperson said, “We are investigating in all directions.” Hamburg’s interior minister, Andy Grote, was equally confused, saying, “It remains unclear which was the overriding element.”

And yet, the New York Times has confirmed that the attacker was well known to German police as a “recently radicalized Islamist” with “psychological problems.”

Since the flood of migrants in 2015, the flow has decreased somewhat in the wake of public sentiment forcing Merkel to tighten asylum laws, speed up deportations, and take other steps to reduce the influx. Since the truck attack that killed 12 last December, there have been no major terrorist attacks.

But this newest attack, from someone who should never have been in Germany, could mean more attention for Germany’s anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party.

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