Sen. Blumenthal proposes $500 MILLION taxpayer dollars for wounded soldiers – UKRANIAN soldiers

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who was once caught lying about his own military service record, has proposed a $500 million spending add-on for wounded warriors — Ukranian wounded warriors.

At a time when reports of our own veterans receiving inadequate medical care at VA facilities are commonplace, the Connecticut Democrat has proposed that the $500 million for Ukrainian soldiers be tacked onto the latest defense spending bill.

Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie condemned the proposal on “Fox & Friends,” observing that the American servicemen would ultimately bear the cost of the add-on.

“Who pays for this?” he asked. “The guy making $1,500 a month,” which is the approximate starting salary of a U.S. service member.

“The finances of it don’t make any sense to the American people.” Higbee said, and suggested the half-billion could be better spent within out own borders.

While Blumenthal was making his first U.S. Senate run, he repeatedly claimed to have served in Vietnam, a claim that was later proved to have been a fabrication. In May of 2010 he apologized, saying in an email that he had “not been as clear or precise as” he should have when speaking about his record in the U.S. Marine Reserves.

Folks on social media were disgusted and considered it an insult to our own veterans.

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Fourteen Medal of Honor recipients — all Vietnam War veterans — wrote an open letter to Blumenthal early this month condemning those claims as “a gross case of stolen valor,” and observed that he “obtained at least five military deferments between 1965 and 1970” in order to avoid serving in Vietnam.


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